5 Safe-for-Work Fashion Nova Looks We Need ASAP

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It may seem that Fashion Nova is being shoved down our throats by every celebrity and influencer on Instagram and, well, that’s actually true. With the many gorgeous looks constantly uploaded by the likes of Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and more, it’s hard to not be curious about exactly what Fashion Nova has to offer.

Some of the ensembles are clearly designed for dancing at the club instead of strutting around the office. You know, like pants with cutouts so revealing they dare you to ditch undies. But despite that very fair observation, there are other Fashion Nova looks on the tamer side. Seriously, have you browsed Cardi B’s collection? There are some super sexy and very “boss girl” must-haves in that lineup. Perhaps that sex kitten versus girl-next-door duality is what draws so many different people to Fashion Nova, making it the most Googled fashion brand in 2018. Cardi is due to drop another collection at some point in 2019 and if it’s anything like the first, the threads will sell out once again.

With all that said, if you’re not going to admit it, then I will: Yes, I have succumbed to those enticing influencers and purchased from Fashion Nova a time or three.


“Everyone” (including the Kardashians) may be doing it, but clearly they’re on to something because my wallet and closet are happier now that I’ve taken the plunge. Not everything I ordered is as jaw-dropping in person but a lot of what I bought stays in my style rotation on the regular.

If the transparent freak’um dresses, underboob T-shirts and just-call-them-underwear shorts are still scaring you away, then you’ll be relieved to know that there are a few Fashion Nova looks of the modest yet chic variety. In fact, they’re calm enough that you could actually wear them to work and feel mighty fine while doing it. I’ve rounded up five of the best safe-for-work looks that you’ll feel comfortable wearing to the office and posting up on the ‘gram.

You’re in for comfy dresses and two-piece sets perfect for wearing together and apart to upgrade your work style. Warning: Everything is under $100 and you’ll probably want to toss it all into your cart.



burgundy sweater set Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

I literally spotted a woman in my office wearing this Keep Me Warm At Night Set ($60) (!) and I couldn’t help but compliment her look. When she name-dropped Fashion Nova, I immediately warned her that she might see me wearing it in a different color soon. I adore that this set is entirely opaque and flatters a figure without squeezing too tightly. Grab it in two colors: burgundy or taupe.



navy knit midi dress for work Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

You can never go wrong with a midi-length frock and I love that the Never Too Soft Dress ($40) has a loose upper portion that falls into a snug yet modest fit. The wrap-tie at the waist gives the dress an extra touch of personality. Choose this dress in navy or taupe.



Fashion Nova

If you’re not into dresses or skirts but love the one-and-done look of a matching set, then the Handling Business Pant Set ($80) is perfect for your wardrobe. When you want to switch up the look, simply wear the blazer alone with skinny jeans and heels or wear the pants with a tucked blouse or sweater.



Careless Romance Three-Piece Set from Fashion nova

Fashion Nova

Anytime you want to make a subtle statement at your job, step onto the scene wearing the super luxe and ultra-professional Careless Romance Lace 3 Piece Set ($90). To tone down the look, reserve the matching tube top for after-hours events and wear the pants and blazer with a ruffled blouse. While the tinseled outfit may be a tad too showy for an interview, it definitely qualifies as a fab first day look. For those of us who love being extra with our style, this set is also perfectly fine to wear just because it’s Friday.


Snakeskin coat dress fashion nova

Fashion Nova

Don’t let the boldness of this Killin The Game Snake Dress ($80) scare you away! You’ll be pulling off the snakeskin trend in one ssseriously show-stopping look. This design can also be worn in two ways. Wear it as a dress similar to the model shown or unbutton it and toss it on over an all-black ensemble for a statement outerwear piece. With pointed pumps and a leather tote bag, this look is foolproof.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about with this design is the many people who will undoubtedly stop you to ask where your coat comes from. Spread the love like my co-worker and tell them it’s Fashion Nova. Chances are, they’ve been hesitant about the brand just like you.

What can I say? Cardi B was right. We could stick to designer, but this Fashion Nova fits.

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