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33 Scandalous Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions At Major Hollywood Events

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Red carpets sometimes end up becoming more memorable than awards shows or the projects they’re promoting. There are flawless looks that live in our memories for decades after the events because of how much they slayed. In some cases, outfits are memorable for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, a star made a very questionable wardrobe choice. Other situations involve scandalous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

Nip slips, crotch flashes, butt crack exposures, and well, you know. They are all things that nobody wants to happen to them — especially on a red carpet with thousands of HD cameras pointed at them. But, sometimes all the body tape, pins, and nipple guards aren’t enough to withstand gravity and a gentle breeze. Try not to cringe at these 32 awkward celebrity wardrobe malfunctions photos. They show that wardrobe malfunctions can happen to everyone, including red carpet veterans.

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