The Most Daring Red Carpet Looks At The 2019 Oscars

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The Oscars were… interesting. Some of the night’s biggest winners were delightful surprises that resulted in great speeches. Others are best left undiscussed. One of the night’s biggest highlights, though, came from the fashion of the many stars in attendance, especially those red carpet dresses. Male, female, old or young, there was bold, interesting fashion to be had almost everywhere on the red carpet.

In fact, the looks were so good this year that, for the most part, there didn’t seem to be any duds. Whether the dresses featured capes, sleeves, or even coats, all of them seemed to be fabulous and well thought out. What’s more, there was a fairly wide range of colors. The nominees and presenters in attendance were bringing their A-games, and there were even a few guys who got in on the fashion action. Here are 17 of the very best looks from last night’s ceremony.

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