24 Cool Etsy Astrology Products To Buy For Your Favorite Aries

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Ram Aries Horns

Etsy Aries Products Ram Aries Horns


Are you looking for something with some cosplay vibes? Or, do you have an extra Aries in your circle of friends who could totally pull off wearing a horned headband for everyday? This headpiece is the thing for them. It comes in black but the seller states that they can be contacted in regards to other colors. Each set of horns is a handmade item constructed out of foam, plastazote, and acrylic. It is reported that the horns are light enough that they can be worn all day. An elastic holds them in place so you don’t need to bother with fiddly pins. Another benefit to the foam construction is that they will not break. They also won’t cause any injury. If anyone does decide to wear them to Comic-Con or another event, they are convention-friendly.
Buy it now from Etsy from $57.91!

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