20 Gifts For Your Favorite Leo

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It’s Leo SZN, baby! This Sun-ruled fire sign cannot be stopped, and there are plenty of famous Leos for our favorite Kings and Queens to look to for inspiration during their birth month because of the sign’s propensity towards fame, fortune, and success. Kylie Jenner‘s been vocal about her Leo pride, from including a Leo Lippie Kit in her Kylie Cosmetics lines to repping a cursive Leo necklace on IG. We definitely had King Kylie herself in mind while we scrolled through Etsy to find the best handmade Leo gifts for what’s bound to be the biggest birthday bashes of anyone’s year, whether you’re Travis Scott looking for a gift for your wifey or a high school student looking for something to give to your BFF.

Oh, and side note: we would never recommend something we weren’t totally obsessed with — BUT we might collect some commission on sales or other compensation from the links on this page. xx.

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