16 Black Friday Sales Every Fashion & Beauty Lover Needs To Know

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"Jingle All The Way" Black Friday He Got Two

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When Thanksgiving rolls around, our brains are filled with thoughts about how we’re going to deal with the traffic, how to possibly stand hours with certain irritating relatives, and whether it’s possible to eat our body weight in pumpkin pie and stuffing. After we stop thinking about the food, we start on the Black Friday deals. After all, every savvy shopper knows that Thanksgiving is really about the amazing bargains (… and family … and food, we guess). But, it’s the deals, really.

If you’ve attended just one Black Friday sale, you will know that you need a game plan and you need to be ready at the crack of dawn. We can’t set your alarm for you, but we can direct you to the not-to-be-missed bargains. There are plenty of deals happening on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but you don’t want to miss these. Get your wallets ready and have a look at 16 of the best Black Friday sales every millennial woman won’t want to miss. Happy shopping!

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