20 Trendy Bathing Suits That Won’t Break The Bank

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It would be awesome to live in a world where Frankies Bikini’s didn’t cost like, $100 for one bikini top, but we do and it sucks. Even Victoria’s Secret swimwear is over $50 for just a bottom, and that doesn’t even get you any clout as a gift with purchase. We can’t just wear the same swimsuit in every IG we post this summer, but most people don’t have a thousand dollars to drop on five bikinis every year. If you’re looking for something fun to shake up your swimwear or you’re going to Vegas and want something a little scandalous, we can help. These cute bathing suits won’t break the bank, but you’ll be able to trick your friends into thinking you have enough money to shop at Planet Blue. Bye, Target tankinis?

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