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How to Style Knee-High Boots Like an Instagram Influencer

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Knee-high boots were everywhere this fall, and the trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
From Pretty Woman to Ariana Grande, the knee-high boot has always been a fashion staple in pop culture. So, it came as no surprise that the trend has completely taken over Instagram through the form of influencers. When paired with a dress, skirt, or even jeans, this slinky style can easily take your look from drab to sexy AF. However, this super sexy shoe style can easily become more trashy than on-trend when not styled correctly.

When it comes to styling knee-high or over-the-knee boots, it’s vital to keep in mind the fashion fundamental rule of balancing your look. A lover of the trend, Ariana Grande has nailed the perfect silhouette for rocking this sometimes risky shoe trend. By pairing tight-fitting knee-high boots with a slouchy, oversized dress or sweatshirt, the uber-sexy look appears effortlessly casual. Who would have thought?

If you’re looking to channel your inner Ari or favorite Instagram influencer, check out our outfit ideas for styling your knee-high boots with effortless style and sophistication.

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