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If you’re not already following Man Repeller on Instagram, now would be the time. The quirky New York-based media company just dropped a full collection of merchandise that makes the perfect gift this holiday season. Man Repeller describes the new launch as a “digital pop-up shop” and features a full lineup of sunglasses, hats, jewelry, and other lust-worthy accessories. Aptly called the Man Repeller Buffet, this new collection is brimming with avant-garde accessories that embody the media company’s commitment to forward-thinking fashion with just a splash of hilarity.

Man Repeller is a company known for touching on a variety of subjects in relatable long-form articles. From Carrie Bradshaw’s interior design to a profile inside the minds of men attending Glossier’s new flagship store, Man Repeller has truly covered it all. Self-described as “the greatest fashion blog in the whole entire world,” the brand puts an emphasis on how embracing the world of fashion does not negate a woman’s intellect. Rather, fashion as a mode of self-expression can help to form real connections between women both online and out and about in the real world.

And when it comes to fashion, Man Repeller knows their $h*!. Often in the front row of every Fashion Week show, the website’s editors are aware of practically every fashion trend before it even becomes one, and are the first to let their readers know. In the age of a declining “front row” crowd, MR’s editors have established themselves as influencers and, arguably, fashion’s new “It Girls.” The website combines punchy yet thoughtful writing with gorgeous photography and illustrations. In fact, when it comes to Man Repeller, it’s almost impossible to decide which the company excels most at — creating share-worthy yet inspiring written pieces, the photography that accompanies every lookbook or interview, or the commitment the media company has to staying exactly on brand. In every aspect of Man Repeller’s work, they know exactly who they are and what their audience is dying to see.

Thus, when the Man Repeller holiday pop-up launched, we immediately took note.

The Man Repeller Holiday Buffet is an all-you-can-buy extravaganza. Though you cannot actually eat the merchandise, we can attest that you’ll be craving it once you’ve had a taste — or in this case, seen the Instagram photos.

The digital pop-up shop features a full line of fun yet elegant accessories from sunglasses to hats to jewelry that is sure to be at the top of everybody’s wish list this holiday season. And the best part? All of the pieces are under $85. Though the pieces may not necessarily be affordable for everyone’s budget, compared to designer gifts, these accessories definitely don’t break the bank. Whether you’re shopping for an avid Man Repeller reader, a jewelry-lover, or someone with a quirky and interesting fashion sense, this collection makes the ideal gift this holiday season.

Among the pieces included in the collection are red gingham “unibrow sunglasses,” a makeup bag creatively named “The Carry Bradshaw,” branded hair clips reminiscent of every ’90s movie, a cozy-looking beanie, keychains, lunch pouches, and a plaid hat with wind-proof straps hilariously named the “Thinking Cap.” The pieces are extremely unique, and definitely not comparable to any other accessories collection on the market this holiday season.

All of the pieces can be shopped at the Man Repeller buffet website starting today. Shipping is limited to the United States for the time being, so be on the lookout for future international product launches.

This is not the first occasion in which Man Repeller has attempted to jump off the screen and into our daily lives. In April, the brand opened an IRL pop-up shop at the Freehand Hotel in New York City following their Hotel Man Repeller weekend experience, when fans of the brand could pay to stay the weekend, enjoy a series of events, and meet other Repellers. The Freehand’s Man Repeller pop-up shop remained open for three months and offered everything from branded bucket hats to boob mugs.

The brand also opened a similar pop-up shop and experiential space at the Canal Street Market in February 2017, creatively titled the “MR Bazaar.” Though founder Leandra Medine humorously described the pop-up as “an excuse to hang plastic fruit everywhere,” the experience offered followers a chance to meet and greet with other MR readers, attend community events, and shop official merchandise and the MR by Man Repeller collection from Net-a-Porter.

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The Man Repeller Holiday Buffet will be available November 15 until January 1, so shop it now before this all-you-can-buy collection clears its plates forever. If you’re more of an in-person shopper, check out the Man Repeller x Sweets by CHLOE pop-up shop November 30 through December 2. FYI, there will be dessert.

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