Tiffany And Co. Just Dropped A Lust-Worthy Luggage Collection

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To celebrate the launch of their new homeware collection, Tiffany and Co just dropped a series of promotional images as part of the #TiffanyEveryday campaign and – just a warning – you might want to hide your wallet now if you’re not down for some big spending. The new homeware line features a wide range of accessories, including luggage, travel accessories bar accessories, holiday ornaments, and more — all in Tiffany’s signature color. *Swoon*

The campaign image for the brand new “Tiffany blue” luggage collection was shot at The Pierre hotel in New York City. The location embodies old Hollywood glamour akin to the starlet that made the brand famous — Audrey Hepburn. In the 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Hepburn is seen drinking coffee outside of Tiffany and Co’s historic 5th Avenue location in a black Givenchy dress. The scene is one of Old Hollywood’s most iconic moments, and established Tiffany and Co as a historic brand and as tied to New York City as red apples. Tiffany and Co have tried to up their cool-factor in recent years. Recent campaigns featured diverse models like Lupita Nyong’o, Elle Fanning, and even ultimate It-girl Cara Delevigne. Now, the brand is going back to its roots with this luxurious new travel accessories collection.

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The collection features an entire line of travel accessories in partnership with GLOBE-TROTTER, a London-based brand known for luxurious suitcases and other luggage. The lineup for the Tiffany x GLOBE-TROTTER collection includes trolley suitcases in multiple sizes, a 13-inch vanity case, a 9-inch jewelry case, holiday cards, and two different types of keyrings. All the products offered come in Tiffany and Co’s signature duck-egg blue. With the holiday travel season fastly approaching (though some would argue not fast enough), luxury enthusiasts everywhere will surely be anxious to get their hands on this epic brand collaboration. Each of the pieces features silver embellishments that exude glamour and sophistication. 

However, a second tweet showed that the brand still has a sense of humor. Tiffany’s took to the streets and partnered with a New York staple — a New York City hot dog cart! In a photo captured at the scene by Raymond Meier and tweeted by the Tiffany and Co Twitter handle, the brand advertised their new #Tiffany Home & Accessories collection alongside hot dogs, pretzels, and brightly colored ketchup and mustard bottles. The fun and classically New York City background provides the perfect setting for this whimsical collection.

The campaign features the high-end aspects of the brand by positioning their luxurious new set of luggage pieces outside of one of New York’s most glamorous hotels, the bright blue color complemented perfectly by the golden sheen of the hotel’s double doors. The second campaign image highlights the youthful energy of the brand’s new direction, however, and the Tiffany blue paper coffee cups are definitely on our must-have list for dreary fall mornings.

As the holiday season approaches, Tiffany and Co is surely cashing in. As luxury-lovers and collectors alike begin to travel home this season, the Tiffany x GLOBE-TROTTER collection is one that will stand out from the crowd.  This lust-worthy collection makes the perfect gift for the ultimate traveler, so get it now before the holidays arrive!