34 Bad Wedding Trends To Be Avoided At All Costs

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Adult Diapers


We’ve heard of musical festival attendees wearing diapers so they won’t have to worry about their bladders in the middle of Beyonc√©‘s set and thought, Huh, maybe that’s a good idea. We’ve then proceeded to not follow up on the idea, because purposefully peeing yourself for convenience’s sake is gross. Some brides have taken to wearing diapers to avoid using the bathroom in their gown or to make sure no precious wedding time is wasted in the restroom. We don’t understand how anyone could enjoy their special day fully knowing that they’re standing in their own urine. (You know, or worse.) If you can’t figure out how to sit on the toilet in your gown, that’s why your bridesmaids are there to help. Consider it a bonding moment.

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