24 Cute Wedding Food Trends, 10 To Avoid, & One We Can’t Decide On

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…And 1 Trend We Can’t Decide On

Bottomless Brunch Receptions

We are *so torn* on this one, guys. On the one hand, daytime wedding receptions are a general no from us, if they can be avoided. There’s very little chance of getting to go home with the hot best man if it’s 3PM, guests either will lose the rest of their day or have to leave to get to their evening plans, and if you opt for an outdoor reception, it’s just going to keep getting warmer as people get drunker. All bad things. On the other hand, we love brunch, and the options for a bottomless brunch reception are adorable. Dayge-ing is awesome with the right crowd, mimosa bars are a Big Yes, and a Make Your Own Waffle bar sounds like an actual dream. If you’re getting married somewhere with a decent climate and you have friends that can hang, save some money and have some fun with a bottomless mimosa reception.

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