40 Wedding Guest Faux-Pas Brides *Need* You To Hear

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Nowadays, there’s no one “wedding season,” really. Sure, most of your besties will be walking down the aisle during the warmer months, but fall and winter receptions are becoming even more popular as themed and atypical weddings get à la mode. But no matter how non-traditional weddings are becoming, there’s still a pretty big list of do’s and don’ts (mostly don’ts, tbh) that brides and grooms *need* their guests to be aware of.

There are so many things for a bride to worry about when it comes to her big day that questioning whether all her guests who RSVP’d ‘no’ will text at the last minute saying that they changed their minds should be the last thing she needs to plan for. If you’ve never been in charge of a wedding, you might be able to plea innoncence on these super annoying wedding guest faux-pas, but if you’ve said “I do,” you don’t have any excuse to make these mistakes.

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