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19 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

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Wedding planning is always fun, easy, and romantic. Just kidding. Wedding planning is more stressful than a big job interview, more confusing than calculus, and just about as frustrating as finding your new favorite Netflix show and then learning it only has one season out. With wedding planning, you have family breathing down your neck, decisions to make, deadlines to struggle to get everything done by, and high expectations to meet for the Instagram-worthy wedding of your dreams.

In fact, it’s hard to believe how stressful and un-fun it is to plan such an amazing, love-filled event. But, after all that planning (and maybe some sweat and tears) when that wedding day finally comes, you know it’ll be amazing. When I got married six months ago, my husband and I had the perfect day and we were so glad we’d worked so hard to plan it. All of that work was worth it… and yet, there were so many things that I wished I knew going into the planning process. There were so many tips that I learned along the way that, if I’d known them going in, would have made everything so much easier, cheaper, and way less stressful. That’s why I think it’s important to share your best tips with other brides. Here are 19 hacks you must know going into wedding planning.

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