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19 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

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Create a “living” wedding schedule, and send it to your vendors well ahead of time

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Your wedding day timeline will probably change a lot over the planning process. You’ll start out thinking you’d like a 3 o’clock ceremony start time… but when you start scheduling hair and makeup, you realize that you might not be able to start until 4, which means you’ll have to push everything else back too.

This is why it’s helpful to create a “living” timeline. It keeps your times straight and can help you plan for what the day will look like. Throughout wedding planning, you’ll be faced with lots of options: like, whether to take extra time for photos before the ceremony or to extend cocktail hour. You’ll have to decide if you want to have your first dance before or after dinner. You can try different schedules, change the times around, and see what you like best.

Once you have your schedule, complete with songs and bridal party names and other details, send it to your vendors. They’ll appreciate it if you send it to them about a week before so they’ll have some time to look over everything and know what to expect. They might even spot an error ahead of time, which will give you enough time to correct it.

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