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19 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

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Hire a day-of Coordinator

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Unless you have an exceptionally busy schedule, or are planning on having an elaborate, 300-guest wedding with entertainment and lots of of fancy decor, you probably don’t need a wedding planner.

Yes, wedding planners come with many advantages but most people find that they want, or prefer, to plan their wedding themselves. However, even if you decide to skip the planner, you’ll definitely want a day-of coordinator. These coordinators meet with you days or weeks before the big day and take down every detail of your wedding. They take your schedule, the info for your vendors, make notes on what kind of setup you need, and then… they make it happen.

My wedding was pretty simple, all things considered, and while I knew I’d be busy with hair and makeup before the ceremony, I thought I could recruit bridesmaids to do all the little things that needed to be done, like place centerpieces on tables, set out the guest book, and show the baker where to put the cake. But I realized really quickly that this plan wasn’t going to happen. I needed a professional to handle anything that might go wrong, someone not in my family or friend group, who was going to be able to make sure everything was on time — and without needing to miss some group photos to do it.

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