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19 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

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Practice Saying “That’s a Great Idea, We’ll Consider It”

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As soon as you say the magic words: “I’m engaged,” people will start tossing their opinions at you like a hot potato. From family to friends to complete strangers, people will tell you that you and your fiancé “must” elope or that you “need” to get married in the mountains. They’ll tell you that you “absolutely can’t” have a naked cake or a swing band or… well, you name it and someone will have an opinion about it.

Of course, you don’t want to let other people’s style get in the way of your special day, but you also probably don’t want to offend your friends and family… or worse, your future in-laws.

Practice saying, “That’s a great idea, we’ll consider it,” whenever someone pushes an idea on you. It’s polite and satisfying to those making the suggestion but it’s also non-committal. By the time the wedding happens, that cousin probably won’t even remember how adamant they were about you having a donut wall. They’ll just be happy to see you getting married.

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