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19 Wedding Hacks Every Bride Needs to Know

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Think Back on Weddings You’ve Been to in Your Area

Image by Alasdair Elmes via Upsplash

One of the best ways to get ideas for your own wedding is to think back on your favorite parts of weddings that you’ve attended. Maybe you loved the flowers in your brother’s wedding or were amazed at the desserts at your cousin’s reception. Maybe you loved a friend’s wedding photos and thought their videographer was amazing too.

All of those memories are so valuable when it comes to planning your own wedding, especially if that wedding wasn’t too far from your venue. You could ask the bride and groom for their vendor’s contact information and get whatever it was you loved for your own wedding. The couple who had that wedding you went to will probably be so flattered that you loved their wedding vendors and will be thrilled to dig up their phone number.

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