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10 Must-Haves In Your Wedding Survival Kit

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It doesn’t matter that you aren’t a crier. You will want tissues at the wedding. Period. They might be the top product in wedding survival kit must-haves. Venues are getting clever and having tissues conveniently located, but you will want a big stack on your person. You just never know when you will be overcome with emotion. And you don’t want to be wiping tears with your fingers or the sleeve of your dress. (Think of the makeup.) Even if waterworks aren’t an issue, it is wise to have tissues for sudden allergy flare-ups or runny noses. You do not want to be the person sniffling in the church. There really isn’t an excuse not to bring tissues because they weigh next to nothing. If you forget them, grab some toilet paper and stuff it in your purse. #BePrepared

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