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Man Proposes Behind His Girlfriend’s Back, But Never Gets Caught In the Act

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If you’re in a stable, healthy relationship, the odds are good that you have discussed the idea of getting married. It’s a perfectly normal conversation! When you and your partner are ready, one of you will propose, and this begins months of stressful wedding prep. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

For some couples, it really is that straightforward. Put others planning to pop the question want to add a little pizazz to the whole getting-down-on-one-knee thing. There have been some amazing and creative proposal ideas like re-animating Sleeping Beauty or doing a whole Harry Potter theme. But Edi may have just set the bar way too high with his creativity when proposing to his soulmate, Cally. The pair is an adorable duo from the U.K. who had been together for quite some time when Edi decided to pop the question. And when he did, it was rather… unique.

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